Best Places To Visit In Jodhpur | Top Tourist Places To Visit In Jodhpur

By | May 18, 2018

Are you planning to trip to Jodhpur? Then here i have given data of Best Places to Visit in Jodhpur.

Jodhpur is a most popular distric which comes in state of rajasthan. It is famous for high court of rajasthan which is situated in jodhpur district and more thing for increasing value of jodhpur is fort of jodhpur, central jail of Jodhpur.

Best Places to Visit in Jodhpur:

Jodhpur is also Popular as Suncity. it is located in Rajasthan state. Jodhpur found by Rao Jodha in the year of 1459, He was a chief of the Rathore Clan. The jodhpur city has a blue tinge, if we saw from distance or make a picture of jodhpur buildings and houses from above. In jodhpur, you can see the complete view of blue city jodhpur from Meharangarh. Jodhpur can gain profit from and popular for Copper trade, sandalwood, opium and dates. In jodhpur you will feel traditional culture such as you will see pots in different color or in brown or blue, sensual spices, traditional clothes, traditional jewellery, idols, ornaments, bejewelled fabrics and metalwlare all type of jammed between rows of stalls, shops, tinsel and many hoards of haggling women. Jodhpur is famous for traditional footwear, richly carved furniture, lahariya bandhini textiles and metal arts.

Umaid Bhavan Palace:

Umaid Bhawan is most fascinating place for tourist attractions. It is constructed by Maharaja Umaid singh in the 20th century. Now this place has changed into museum and a 5-star hotel. This place building is stand out for its white exteriors, glorious pink and its impressive size. In Construction 3000 workers were present to complete and it takes 15 years to completely create. This palace is now has some exotic furniture, amazing trophies, fantastic collections of rare clocks and stuffed leopards. Some part of this palace is still occupied by the royal family of jodhPur which is currently under maharaja Umaid singh.

Mehrangarh Fort:

It is constructed in the year of 1459 and it is present above 150 meters from sea level. Meharangarh is one of the most popular place and magnificent fort in jodhpur. In Meharangarh fort many places are present to see such as courtyards, galleries, temples, gardens, museum and so on. Although You can hire personal guide in fort for around $3.

Jaswant Thada Mausoleum:

It is near to the meharangarh fort and made by carved marble, through this it looks like a beautiful monument. The slabs are  available in highly polish and thin and emit a warmest glow when in morning and evening sun rays hit them. This Mausoleum is known as ceramation traditional ground of Jodhour Rulers. To fully visit this palace peoples have to go through some hill rocks in jodhpur.

Mandore Gardens:

Mandore garden is popular as former capital of Marwar Kingdom. There are many hall of heroes and fun world for playing Childrens. This garden has many attractions for photography and shooting videos just because of historical design and traditional design of Jodhpur Rajasthan therefore we can say this place is heaven for Photography. Thousands of visitor comes every month in Mandore garden to visit.

Osian Temples:

Osian is popular for its desert and attractive design of temples. That place is famous due to its appearance like oasis. Whether Temples of osian has most outstanding and architectural designs in rajasthan india. The sun temple is the best attraction there for indians people as well as tourists.

In final words i would like to say that if you are planning for trip to Jodhpur then you have to visit these 5 places for sure.


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